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A Guide To Quiz Night

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If you've volunteered (or been volunteered) to host a quiz then don't panic! We have lots of good advice on how to create a great Craufurd Arms Quiz!
The Typical Quiz 

Most Craufurd quizzes have six rounds, three either side of 'Higher or Lower' with each round lasting about 15-20 minutes. Quizzes usually start at 8:30pm and hopefully finish by 10:30-11pm.

You can choose any topics you like and have straight-forward questions and answers, true or false or any innovative format you choose! Try not to make a round too hard or too specialist, we get a wide spectrum of quiz goers so try and include something for everyone.

You're free to choose the scoring mechanism, have full discretion over alternative answers, half points, minus points or points for 'one either way'. Remember - the quizmaster is ALWAYS correct (even when they are not)!

Score sheets are optional but some scrap paper for the teams to write on is always useful.

Many quizzes have 'table rounds', sheets that are worked on during the quiz and marked at the end. Anything that works on paper is suitable, picture rounds (colour or black & white) are popular as are dingbats, anagrams etc.

Specialist Rounds

Specialist rounds require a bit more thought:

  • Audio: usually, but not always, music i.e. guess the song from the intro etc.

    • Most people play clips from their phone or a laptop. You can usually borrow a portable speaker to ensure the whole pub can hear.​

  • Connections : a round of questions with a hidden connection in the answers. Teams need to write down the connection and bring it up to the quizmaster to judge.

    • Only one guess per team - get it wrong & they do the 'walk of shame'

    • Craufurd Rules - 10 points for guessing connection on first question, 9 on second etc. Creates a sense of urgency, good if you like to include red herrings..

    • Wilsonian Rules - 10 points for first team to get it right irrespective of when they come up, 9 for next team etc..

  • Wipeout: Get any answer wrong and score zero points for the whole round​

  • Joy of Six (or Five/Four etc.): Maximum points for guessing the 6th correct answer in a category (e.g. biggest countries by population) with one point for getting the top answer, two for second etc. Nothing scored for guessing any answer after number 6.

The Eliminator

The popular Eliminator round features a subject with dozens of possible answers.

  • Teams get 3 minutes to write as many answers as they can.

  • They nominate a member to stand up and give an answer when asked, round robin style.

  • If the answer is correct, and has not been given already, they survive for another round.

  • Fail to give an answer or provide an incorrect or repeated one and your team is ELIMINATED.

  • Points are awarded based on how many rounds your team survives - bonus points are often given for specific answers.

Thinking of including an Elmininator round in your quiz? Make sure you bring a copy or two with all the answers in either alphabetical or other easy to find format so you can quickly respond. Bar staff can often help check answers. Don't forget to mark them off so you can call out any repeats.


Here are some Eliminator categories that have previously featured:

  1. BBC 100 greatest Britons 

  2. GB athletes who won any medal at a summer Olympics since 1980 (athletic events only)

  3. I’m A Celebrity (Get Me Out Of Here) contestants

  4. Five letter words ending in -NG

  5. Radio 2 presenters 

  6. Artist with a No.1 LP since 2020

  7. Five letter words ending in -ce

  8. People named in Vogue by Madonna/Where do you go to my lovely

  9. Five letter words ending in -st

  10. Cast of Love Actually/Band Aid original line up

  11. Global brands 100 list

  12. UK racecourses

  13. Top Of The Pops presenters (inc. guest presenters)

  14. Oscars Best picture 1950-2020

  15. Oscars Best Actor or Actress Winner (to date)

  16. Top 100 pub names

  17. Top 100 most frequently used words in English language

  18. Guardian Top 100 universities

  19. Eurovision winning countries

  20. FA cup winning teams

  21. Taskmaster contestants

  22. Grand national or derby winner since 1980

  23. Countries whose entire territory is north of the equator

  24. Blue Peter presenters

  25. England R.U. Players capped since 2010

  26. Stations on the Circle Line

  27. Sports Personality Of The Year winners

  28. Words of five or more letters in Shakespeare titles

  29. Cities in England 

  30. Any team that's been in the Premier league

  31. Political leaders of UK, France, Germany and Russia.


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